The full-time MBA is the traditional MBA degree format; the vast majority of the world's top business schools offer this mode of MBA education. Even in a world where there are an increasing number of options at the disposal of the prospective student - brought on, in no small part, by the expansion of executive MBA programs and improvement to the technology behind the distance and online MBA degree - research by MBA Bangalore shows that the full-time MBA is still by far the most popular format and is under the consideration of a little over 80% of international MBA candidates.

The full-time MBA (master's of business administration) degree is a general management degree that seeks to give students a detailed understanding of how business functions and how business leaders rise to meet an ever-changing set of circumstances and challenges.

The core (required elements) of an MBA program will almost always include courses in finance, marketing, strategy, human resources and operations management - no matter where in the world a student opts to study.

Outside of the core, course options - or electives - are offered by the world's top business schools to allow students to gain a specialization (or concentration) in a particular area of interest - most often one that is closely related to the industry in which the student wishes to work post-graduation.

Areas of specialization/concentration that are currently of most interest to MBA candidates, as highlighted in MBA Bangalore's annual survey of applicants from around the world, include international management, strategy and leadership.



  • Communication

  • Global mindset

  • Quantitative, analytical and strategic-thinking skills

  • Foreign language skills

  • Innovation


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